5"/6" LUNA 56 PRO, Square, Color Selectable

Product Details

The LUNA56 PRO is a fixed recessed light fixture for retrofit in 5" or 6" application. It is a high-performance, easy to install downlight solution that offers good light output, energy-efficient and streamlined design. Suitable for wet locations.

Feature List

  • Body

    Durable airtight aluminum body with heat sink to provide maximum airflow for the LED light source.

  • LED Characteristics

    This general application light fixture available in 33 watt LED module that maintains uniform intensity producing up to 2050 lumens; with a typical CRI of 95. On-fixture color selectable switch allows switching between 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K , 4000 K and 5000 K color temperatures.

  • Dimming

    100%-10% dimming capability. This fixture is compatible with industry standard forward-phase / reverse-phase and TRIAC/ELV dimmers (contact factory for list of compatible dimmers).

  • Beam Spread

    The fixture lens provides 40° beam spread.

  • Mounting

    Includes two spring loaded clips to attached to any ceiling material. Compatible with 5" and 6" nominal hole cut sizes.

  • LED Driver

    Extruded aluminum hardwire box with 750mA dimmable class II electronic LED driver with 100-135V AC input. Includes an 18" FT6 rated cable with DC 2.1 connector between driver and fi xture approved for use in plenums and suspended ceilings.

  • Quick Connect Push-in Terminals

    Three "Quick connect" push-in terminals for fast and easy wiring.

  • Operating Temperature

    -20°C~40°C (-4°F~104°F).

  • Environment

    Suitable for wet locations.
    Approved for direct contact with insulation.

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