A-Line has partnered with an industry leader in drywall fabrication, to offer a program that provides the flawless trimless look that you desire while minimizing concerns surrounding installation. Fixtures are not always designed for easy installation into drywall. PrecisionPro reduces the amount of manual labor required by providing a high-quality custom drywall panel for downlights and a channel for track that installs like any sheet of drywall.

  • Recessed downlighting: A-Line's Helios and Sigma programs

  • LED Panel: Liteline's FORUM program

  • A-Line's track programs, including the Klick System


Manufactured in a climate-controlled drywall factory, trimless products can now be specified with a PrecisionPro Drywall panel for downlights, or channel for track. With the same installation process as regular drywall, these panels/channels have sloped edges to ensure there is a seamless finish when feathering the mudding. Channels can be joined together to accommodate long runs of track.

  • how it works - step 1

    Screw into building's frame

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  • how it works - step 2

    Line up remaining drywall

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  • how it works - step 3

    Tape and mud edge for a seamless finish

Trimless Adapter Issues

PrecisionPro Issues
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    Chipping and cracking

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    Curvy straight-line cuts

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    Nail pops

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    Damaged fixtures

Precision Pro Solutions

PrecisionPro Solutions
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    No need to worry about cutting a hole. Simply screw to the building frame, tape and mud to other drywall sheets for a seamless finish

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    Reduce intensive labor & costs

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    Sleek finish with minimal effort

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    Level 5 finish

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    Easier to line up

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    Does not require expert level drywall skills

Model Shown: Helios with PrecisionPro