The Edge has changed the shape of standard panel lighting and is not all aesthetics. Imagine, high lumen output and more flexibility without the footprint. Available in 1'x1', 1'x2', 1'x4', 2'x2', and 2'x4', 30"x30", 30"x60", 20"x60" size options fit perfectly into a T-bar ceiling with the acoustic tile on top, no trimming needed!

Included clips make for easy ceiling lay-in mounting, while the ability to mix and match with other Liteline products such as the FORUM Panel, will allow for project dreams, to become a reality.

Transforming Troffers

Troffer drawing image

Fluorescent Troffer

Panel drawing image


Edge drawing image

Since their inception, traditional troffer fixtures have been designed in standard sizes that fit exclusively within the confines of t-bar ceiling layouts. Breaking traditions while removing the restrictions of above ceiling HVAC and t-bar layouts, we are excited to introduce EDGE!

  • Flexible Installation

    Developed to challenge tradition, the EDGE allows for a diverse installation with high lumen output, without interfering with above ceiling mechanical, all while fitting perfectly into a t-bar ceiling with acoustic tile on top. No trimming needed!


    For smarter lighting control, the EDGE is now Casambi compatible. Turn your fixture on/off, control your dimming, and select your white through the wifi compatible Casambi Application, available on IOS and Android.

Available Sizes

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