HELIOS Adjustable LED Fixture

Product Details

HELIOS allows one to take ultimate control over the optical performance of the fixture. Including onsite hot and cold aiming, horizontal light source adjustment, vertical height adjustment of light source, 360-degree rotation, changeable optics and layering of media. Get precise with tight beam angles down to 5 degrees. A perfect wall wash optic and goof-proof trimless options that prevents drywaller errors. Feel confident using the HELIOS series in museums, art galleries, and theatres.

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Feature List

  • Housing

    Painted steel carrier and collar are combined to hold and position die cast heat sink with integrated LED engine module and optics. Driver connection is made with FT6 plenum rated wire. Recessed mounting brackets adjust below the ceiling to secure the housing. Accommodates ceiling thicknesses from 1mm up to 25mm (1").

  • Mounting

    Options to configure for remodel, new construction, and architectural c-channel mounting styles. An IC box is also available for both insulated ceilings and Chicago plenum applications.

  • Hanger Bars - New Construction and IC Box

    Rigid hanger bars extende up to 635mm (25"). Score lines on the hanger bars allow for tool-less shortening down to 305mm (12") Built-in line-up foot allows for accurate housing height during installation. Integrated  T-bar clips easily snap onto T-bars.

  • Hanger Bars - Architectural C-Channel

    Architectural frame bracket accepts C-channel and EMT conduit. Vertically adjustable.

  • System Protection

    Integral thermal protection provided to indicate improper installations. Mounted in the heat sink and will disconnect if insulation is detected. Insulation must maintain 3" clearance from top or sides.

  • Thermal Performance

    Cast aluminum heat sink ensures optimal heat dissipation and LED life.

  • LED Optics

    Integrated TIR lens with field exchangeable beam spread. Optic holder can accommodate up to two additional optic media options. The soft lens front optic is required for 35° and 55° beam angles.

  • LED Characteristics

    Fixed CCT high power Bridgelux LED chips maintain uniform intensity with a typical 90 or 95 CRI. Dim-to-Warm and Whiote Tunable are also available.

  • Optical Control

    Mechanical tilt of 30°, optical tilt up to 45°, and rotation up to 365°. A horizontal drift of 6mm can be used to eliminate cut-off when fixture is tilted. Tilt, drift and rotation are adjustable below the ceiling. Tilt angle can be factory set, and sprint tension will maintain angle through installation. The light source can be adjusted between three height settings to achieve max light output or max comfort for quiet ceilings.

  • Photometrics

    See website or contact factory for IES files or additional photometry.

  • Trimless Option

    Trimless adapter provides a flush and seamless ceiling mount. Trimless adapter is also available prefabricated in level 5 drywall for ease of installation.

  • LED Driver

    Junction box mounted for ease of maintenance, the LED driver features a power factor larger than 0.9, and THD of less than 20%. See LED Driver Options for more specific details.

  • Junction Box

    Listed for through branch circuit wiring. Maximum of six 12 AWG 90°C branch-circuit connections (three in and three out). Three knockots available and compatible with Romex cable clamp. Ground wire is provided on J-Box. Block connectors provided for 0-10V wiring.

  • Shipping

    Fixtures can be shipped complete or with rough-in components first, and the remainder once requested.

  • Environment

    Suitable for use in dry locations.


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