Incandescent Track Fixtures

Incandescent track fixtures are the perfect option when using LED, self-ballasted HID or halogen PAR lamps. They are available in many varieties of styles and functions. Most fixtures are available in 1 or 2 circuit configuration and can be made compatible with industry standard track profiles from different manufacturers. Most fixtures can be ordered with different length extension rods to drop fixtures to a desired mounting height. These fixtures are suitable for commercial, retail, or gallery track lighting applications.  

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ALEXIS Line Voltage Track Fixture for PAR38 Lamps
APOLLO Track Fixture
ATHENA Line Voltage Track Fixture for Halogen or LED PAR Lamps
GEMINI Low Voltage Track Fixture
LERNA Line Voltage Track Fixture
Line Voltage Track Fixture for PAR Lamps
Mystic Track Fixture
ORION Low Voltage Track Fixture
SORA Track Fixture
UNIVERSAL Line Voltage Track Fixture for PAR Lamps
XENA Low Voltage Track Fixture