LED Track Fixtures

High powered LED track fixtures specially designed for accent, wall, task, accent and wash lighting. Extruded aluminum construction provides superior strength and durability. Available in a variety of beam spreads to satisfy any installation requirement. Color matching heat sink at back of body to provide maximum heat dissipation.

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10W Flight™ LED Track Head
15W LED Track Head
25W LED Track Head
30W LED Track Head
33W LED Wall Wash Track Fixture
34W LED Track Head
35W LED Architectural Track Head
45W LED Track Head
66W LED Wall Wash Track Fixture
8.5W LED Track Head
APOLLO LED Track Fixture
DELTA LED Track Fixture
Flex Series
FOCUS™ Adjustable Beam Spread LED Track Head
SORA LED Track Fixture
Teardrop™ LED Track Head
VEGA Track Fixture