Smooth White Flat Sheet

Product Details

SWA/SWS, smooth white flat sheet, provides the greatest application potential in the industry. It’s versatility is evident, whether used as a luminous ceiling diffuser or lighting fixture enclosure. These extruded diffuser panels, available in acrylic (SWA) or high impact light stable polystyrene (SWS), provide evenly illuminated lighting enclosures which reduce shadows and reflected glare.

11-3/4" x 47-3/4"
23-3/4" x 23-3/4"
23-3/4" x 47-3/4"
49-1/2" x 49-1/2"
SWA-14 OA-060
SWA-22 OA-060
SWA-24 OA-060
SWA-44 OA-060
SWA-14 OA-080
SWA-22 OA-080
SWA-24 OA-080

SWA-14 OA-125
SWA-22 OA-125
SWA-24 OA-125

  Lens Thickness
  Lens Dimensions