4" LED Flat Frame Square Recessed Luminaire, Non-IC

Product Details

This 4" LED luminaire kit includes a flat frame and square trim, combined with high power LED and dimmable driver options. The luminaire reduces operating costs and provides maintenance-free operation.

Feature List

  • Mounting Frame

    Constructed of 22ga galvanized steel for optimum rigidity. The frame includes a mounting ring that accommodates up to 1¼ " (32mm) ceiling thickness. Hanger bars installed on short side.

  • Junction Box

    Listed for through branch circuit wiring. Maximum of eight 12 AWG 90°C branch-circuit connections (four in and four out). Ten ½ " knockouts with true pry-out slots and eight knockouts with Romex cable clamp. Ground wire is provided on J-Box. Push-in connectors provided for 0-10V wiring.

  • Hanger Bars

    Rigid hanger bars extend up to 25" (635mm). Score lines on the hanger bars allow for tool-less shortening down to 12" (305mm). Built-in line-up foot allows for accurate housing height during installation. Integrated T-bar clips easily snap onto T-bars. Optional C-channel bracket kit accepts C-channel and EMT conduit. Vertically adjustable.

  • System Protection

    Integral thermal protection provided to avoid overheating or improper installation. Mounted to the junction box and will disconnect if insulation is detected. Insulation must maintain 3" (76mm) clearance from top or sides.

  • Quick Disconnect

    Included to allow for easy installation of the LED engine and reflector.

  • LED Optics

    Integrated soft lens provides visual comfort.

  • Reflector

    Constructed of spun aluminum, the reflector provides precision distribution of light with low glare. The square construction of the reflector produces a 90° cut-off for a more defined output. The reflector includes two butterfly clips that pull the trim flush to the ceiling.

  • LED Characteristics

    Fixed CCT high power CREE LED chips maintain uniform intensity with a typical 85 CRI.

  • Dimming

    Multiple dimming options are available. 100-10% dimming with TRIAC/ELV and down to 1% with 0-10V compatible devices. Consult factor for compatible dimmers.

  • Thermal Performance

    Extruded aluminum heat sink ensures optimal heat dissipation and LED life.

  • LED Driver

    Junction box mounted for ease of maintenance, the LED driver features a power factor larger than 0.9, and THD of less than 20%. See LED Driver Options for more specific details.

  • Environment

    Suitable for use in damp locations.

  • Warranty

    7-year warranty.