10" LED Flat Frame

Product Details

This fixture is a 10" LED luminaire with flat frame, combining high power LED with dimmable driver and a high grade aluminum reflector. The luminaire reduces operating costs and provides maintenance-free operation.

For more on the ALR by Liteline check out our video.

Feature List

  • Mounting Frame (ALR101)

    Constructed of 22ga galvanized steel for optimum rigidity. The frame includes a mounting ring that accommodates up to 5/8" (16mm) ceiling thickness. Dimpled spring clips for firmly holding reflector in place without damaging the surface of the reflector. Hanger bars installed on short side.

  • Mounting Frame (ALR102, ALR106)

    Includes 20ga cold-rolled steel mounting ring with 15/8" (41mm) deep collar for various ceiling thicknesses. Reflector firmly held in place with dimpled spring clips. Hanger bars installed on short side.

  • Junction Box

    Listed for through branch circuit wiring. Maximum eight no. 12 AWG 90°C branch-circuit conductions (four in and four out). Ten 1/2" knockouts with true pry-out slots and eight knockouts with Romex® cable clamp. Ground wire is provided on J-Box.

  • Hanger Bars (ALR101)

    Rigid hanger bars extend up to 25" (635mm). Score lines on the hanger bars allow for tool-less shortening down to 12" (305mm). Built-in line-up foot allows for accurate housing height during installation. Integrated T-bar clips easily snap onto T-bars.

  • Hanger Bars (ALR106) 

    Architectural frame brackets accepts C-channel and EMT conduit. Vertically adjustable.

  • System Protection

    Integral thermal protector (RP1B thermal coupler, will disconnect if insulation is detected), attached to the junction box

  • Quick Disconnect

    The enclosed quick disconnect allows for easy installation of the LED engine and reflector

  • Optics

    Diffuse lens mask the LED from direct view

  • Reflector

    Constructed of spun aluminum that provides optimal distribution of light with low glare.

  • LED Characteristics

    Available with high powered 12W, 15.5W, 23W, 31.1W or 49.1W CREE® LED chip that maintains uniform intensity with a maximum luminous flux of 857, 946, 1499, 1965 and 2735 respectively; with a typical 85 CRI and a 35,000 hour life span. Available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K and 4000 K nominal color temperature.

  • Color Tuning LED Characteristics

    Colour tuning available with Araya5 color tuning module. Full spectrum tuning, 90+ CRI, 1650-8000 K tunable range and DTW function available from 3000-1800 K. Full spectrum control through "Araya" mobile app available from the App Store (iOS only). Without app, tunable white and dimming control is available over two separate 0-10V signals.

  • Dimming

    This fixture is dimmable when used with 0-10V for 12-31.1W at 120V, or 0-10V for 49.1W at 347V only (Consult factory for compatible dimmers).

  • Heat Sink

    Constructed of extruded aluminum designed to facilitate heat dissipation and reduce LED junction temperature.

  • LED Driver

    Mounted on the junction box to allow for easy maintenance, the LED driver features a power factor larger than 0.9, and THD of less than 30%. Provided with an integral thermal protection to sense over temperature or internal failure. 120V, 60Hz.

  • LED Driver Upgrade Options

    2-Wire Lutron®: Compatible with forward phase control technology, for use with Lutron forward phase controls (neutral wire required). 120V only, 50/60Hz, 40W max. 3-wire Lutron®: Compatible with standard 3 wire line voltage phasecontrol technology for consistent dimming performance and compatibility with all Lutron 3 wire fluorescent controls. Suitable for integration into a planned or existing EcoSystem lighting control solution. 120V, 50/60Hz, 40W max.


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