Para-Lite 2 Parabolic Louver

Product Details

Para-Lite 2 is designed with today's energy concerns in mind. This parabolic louver provides maximum illumination efficiency. This extremely efficient louver also maintains the excellent low brightness qualities often associated with incandescent downlighting. Many designers prefer the bolder appearance that is created by the 1 1/2› x 1 1/2› x 1› (high) parabolic cell. Para-Lite 2 louvers are moulded for luminous ceiling or fluorescent fixture applications.

Specular Silver
1' x 4'
PL2/2-14 SP-S
2' x 2'
PL2/2-22 SP-S
2' x 4'
PL2/1-24 SP-S
  Nominal Panel Size
  Louver Color