Aluminum Eggcrate Louvers (¾”x ¾”x¾”)

Product Details

Liteline's Aluminum Eggcrate Louvers are engineered to be of the finest quality, offering economy and a wide range of available sizes. The open grid pattern allows air to circulate freely, creating the ideal medium that combines light shielding, air control and aesthetics.

Aluminum louvers are non-flammable, making them perfect for areas where fire codes exist. In addition, the AL (Aluminum) series may be easily installed under sprinklers as a result of the open grid system.

Baked White Enamel
Clear Anodized
Metal Finish
Gold Anodized
1' x 4'
AL75-14 BWE
AL75-14 CA
AL75-14 MF

2' x 4'
AL75-24 BWE
AL75-24 CA
AL75-24 MF
AL75-24 GA
  Nominal Panel Size
  Louver Color